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Sheng Chumu is the child of Lu Guogong Sheng Xiaojing, yet not at all like his dad, Sheng Xiaojing has consumed a large portion of his time on earth on ponies and has accomplished extraordinary accomplishments in fight, yet Sheng Chumu is a buddy who has no mastering and ability, and raises hell. On this day, he and Lu Yunji His child, Lu Qi, had a battle to feel sorry for Yan’er for Yan Huilou’s first card, and he lost the battle. Sheng Xiaojing was irate to such an extent that he pursued Sheng Chumu with a stick and battled.

Right now, Sheng Chumu’s sister, Princess Han He hurried to convince him, yet Sheng Chumu discussed the agitation in the outskirts. His Highness felt that Sheng Xiaojing was at that point old, so he let Lu Yunji become the pioneer.

This is stoking the fire, and Princess Han can’t stop it. Sheng Chumu sees The circumstance was bad, so he ran outside the house, and it happened that his companion Duning’s carriage halted at the entryway, and Sheng Chumu quickly got into Duning’s vehicle and gotten away. Du Ning’s cousin got hitched. He was going to Guangzhou Daoxi. He initially came to discover Sheng Chumu to bid farewell. At the point when Sheng Chumu heard this, he wanted to go to Guangzhou with Du Ning, just to shroud Sheng Xiaojing’s resentment.

Sheng Chumu and Du Ning showed up at the Chen House in Guangzhou. Auntie Du Ning, Mrs. Chen, rushed out to welcome him. Today is hitched to Fu Rou, the little girl of the second spouse of the Fu family. The subsequent spouse was crying to the side, and the third wife of the Fu family was as yet scoffed and jeered at the chance. Requesting the Fu family account book, Fu Rou was not irate, and asked her servant, Ziyun, to give the record book to the third spouse of the Fu family.

Fu Rou was going to take off from the house, and Fu Jun, the oldest sister of the Fu family, revealed to Fu Rou to change her child to the Chen family and quit doing what she used to be at home. Here Mrs. Chen is hauling Du Ning to let out harshness. In reality, she didn’t need Fu Rou to enter the entryway. She simply consented to this marriage due to her child Chen You’s arguing. She additionally felt that Fu Rou would tidy her up in the wake of entering the entryway and talk. At that point, a servant came to report that somebody had posted a note on the divider saying that Fu Rou was not honest.

Madam Chen ended up taking this difficulty to resign. Du Ning saw that Madam Chen didn’t care for Fu Rou, and Chen You He wasn’t an honorable man, and he didn’t stop him, allowing Madam Chen to keep Fu Rou out of the entryway. Madam Chen additionally requested to confirm Fu Rou’s guiltless body on the spot. Fu Rou tried her body. The one who analyzed Fu Rou said that Fu Rou was blameless body. Madam Chen was puzzled, and Fu Rou ended it all in light of embarrassment and headed outside. At the point when the stone lion hit him, Sheng Chumu ventured forward to protect Fu Rou.

Fu Rou didn’t remain excessively, and got back to Fu Chateau with Ziyun. The subsequent woman cried constantly throughout the morning, feeling that Fu Rou had endured an incredible complaint, however Fu Rou appeared to be uninterested. Indeed, those papers and notes in the city.

The possibility of ​​the body assessment outside the door was arranged by Fu Rou. She really realized that her family had for a long while been itching to wed a high-positioning authority to look for abundance, yet she was reluctant to do so in light of the fact that she would not be effectively As a negotiating tool to wed out, the oldest sister Fu Jun took in reality and was defenseless to Fu Rou. She referenced the 5,000 wonders that Fu Rou had requested from the Chen family.

Fu Rou said that on account of absence of cash, she settled on this choice. As he got increasingly elevated, the Fu family was at that point somewhat unfit to get by. However, as of now, something happened to Fu Tao. Fu Tao murdered somebody in the field. The casualty’s family asserted 5,000 guan, in any case Fu Tao would need to pay for it. Indeed, Fu Rou had a youth darling named Yan Zifang.

The Yan family had a decent connection with the Fu family, and the two wedded Fu Rou and Yan Zifang. But since the Yan family irritated Lu Yunji’s family, the family was in a tough situation, and Yan Zifang was likewise gotten Subsequent to heading out, the marriage between the two is no more. Fu Rou has been fixated on Yan Zifang for such countless years.

As of now, Madam Chen raced to the Fu’s home to request somebody. She forcefully requested that the subsequent spouse hand him over. Fu Rou bowed to Madam Chen, saying that she had endured an incredible embarrassment. As per the law of Tang, she was violated at her significant other’s home, and the lady can keep away from it. In her natal family, Madam Chen was furious to the point that she requested that Fu Rou return the blessing, however Fu Rou said that she was the third relational arranger and six whores of the Chen family and wedding a standard spouse. He additionally moved out of Tang Law, saying that if Chen You set out to acknowledge a courtesan, he would wear a wedding outfit to the Chen House and let Chen You meet the authorities. Fu Rou offered sharp comments, and Madam Chen couldn’t let out the slightest peep.

Since meeting Fu Rou, Sheng Chumu has always remembered Fu Rou. He likewise purposely took his worker Junhui to visit Fu’s home with the goal of drawing near to Fu Rou. Sheng Chumu made up clearly false and said that he needed to pass on. The medical caretaker perceived a family member, so she perceived the third spouse as her auntie, and the third wife remained with Sheng Chumu.

The third spouse knew the personality of Sheng Chumu, and immediately disclosed to her little girl Fu Yin to carry on before Sheng Chumu at the dinner, and it is ideal to climb the high parts of the Sheng family. Fu Rou didn’t go to the feast, however trusted that Fu Tao will return and gave him a decent exercise. Fu Tao immediately clarified that he didn’t intend to raise a ruckus, it was a mishap that caused his life, and Fu Rou eased a bit.

After Fu Rou showed Fu Tao, she out of nowhere heard the hawk woodwind, which Yan Zifang got a kick out of the chance to play when she was a kid. She thought it was Yan Zifang who gave her a fantasy. Yan Zifang was badly arranged to appear. She furtively took a gander at Fu Rou in obscurity and kept an eye on her. Fu Rou’s Sheng Chumu additionally heard Fu Rou miss Yan Zifang, and tuned in to him out of nowhere slipping from the tree and falling before Fu Rou.

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