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Fu Rou was shocked by Sheng Chumu. Yan Zifang saw that there was a pariah and left. Sheng Chumu immediately clarified that he was watching the stars. Fu Rou was questionable and didn’t contend with him. She pivoted and returned to the yard. He conveyed blossoms to Fu Rou, yet Fu Rou said that the blossoms would before long shrink away from the branches. He didn’t acknowledge Sheng Chumu’s blossoms, and requested that Sheng Chumu avoid her yard when stargazing later on. Sheng Chumu ate them. Being away from public scrutiny was not debilitate, vowing to feel that Fu Rou would fall into his own hands eventually.

The following day Fu Rou was occupied in Xiufang. Fu Rou’s dad sent somebody to welcome her to a meal in the nursery. Sheng Chumu additionally anticipated Fu Rou’s appearance. At the point when Fu Rou came, he rushed to show her friendliness before Fu Rou. The spouse Xu Youtong likewise came. Xu Youtong was additionally the officer of Guangzhi District. He bowed to Sheng Chumu and Fu Rou’s dad and sat down. Sheng Chumu requested Fu Rou what kind from individual he loved, and Fu Rou brought it back. Without replying, Fu Tao said that it was difficult to say what sort of individuals Fu Rou preferred, however Fu Rou detested the untaught buddy the most, and Sheng Chumu boldly said that she likewise loathed the man the most.

To flaunt before Fu Rou, Sheng Chumu moved his sword before everybody. Everybody respected him, however Fu Tao excused him, saying that Sheng Chumu has his own appearance, and he can beat Sheng Chumu. So he needed to rival Sheng Chumu. At the point when Sheng Chumu saw Fu Tao being beaten by Fu Rou yesterday, he unhesitatingly felt that he could beat Fu Tao. Eventually, Sheng Chumu was crushed by Fu Tao. On the ground, he was terrible openly.

Sheng Chumu endured a misfortune, and was extremely disappointed with Fu Tao. He needed to deal with Fu Tao. The third spouse requested that Fu Tao make a conciliatory sentiment for Sheng Chumu. Sheng Chumu would not like to release Fu Tao, yet he saw that Fu Rou was here. At the point when he strolled, he quickly turned his face to help Fu Tao, and said that she would not domineering jerk others, and surprisingly asked Fu Tao how to punch. Fu Rou heard Sheng Chumu’s words outside the entryway, not realizing that this was what he said purposely to satisfy herself. Indeed, I truly changed Sheng Chumu, believing that he was extremely liberal.

Lu Yunji was named as Guogong Cai for his praiseworthy deeds in insubordination, and Lu Qi was likewise named a general for making military adventures. The sovereign facilitated a meal in the royal residence to engage the authorities. Sheng Xiaojing was somewhat unconvinced. Notwithstanding, Ji referenced the man Sheng Chumu, which jab Sheng Xiaojing’s sensitive area, leaving Sheng Xiaojing stunned. The head support Sheng Xiaojing with a couple of words, yet Sheng Xiaojing unexpectedly requested to wed Princess Xinnan for Sheng Chumu. The sovereign realized that Sheng Chumu’s buddy was reluctant to wed her girl to Sheng Chumu, so he changed the subject and asked Sheng Xiaojing also it.

Here, Sheng Chumu was as yet in Guangzhou making an honest effort to satisfy Fu Rou. Fu Yin and Fu Rou came to Sheng Chumu for guidance on calligraphy. Sheng Chumu would not compose for quite a while, and even went to wash his hands under the affection of messy hands. Fu Rou believed that Sheng Chu Mu’s calligraphy and combative techniques are both phony. Sheng Chumu was a little unconvinced when he heard these words outside the entryway, so he returned and plunked down and composed the words “personal development”. At the point when Fu Rou saw this, she accused herself and thought she was excessively discretionary.

I misconstrued Sheng Chumu, yet indeed, Sheng Chumu just has these four words. In the wake of passing the bungle, Fu Tao out of nowhere passed by with this book of fighting, and he likewise asked Sheng Chumu for counsel. Sheng Chumu gave a couple of words as a specialist, and requested that Fu Tao learn Sun Tzu’s specialty of war first, and afterward learn different things. Tao inquired as to whether he could instruct himself. Fu Rou likewise argued. Sheng Chumu normally couldn’t deny, yet he accepted the open door to make a solicitation.

As a matter of first importance, he requested that Fu Rou change her name, and she was not permitted to call Shengda Langjun, Fu Rou. He concurred, and the subsequent condition was to kiss Fu Rou. Sheng Chumu unexpectedly said what was in her heart. Fu Rou was somewhat shocked, however Jun Hui swiftly clarified that Sheng Chumu intended to give Fu Rou. Rou’s delectable faint entirety was befuddled, and Sheng Chumu requested that Fu Rou weave a sachet for herself.

Sheng Chumu consented to Fu Rou to show Fu Tao the specialty of war, yet he knew nothing about the craft of war, and he was unable to train Fu Tao, so Du Ning gave him a thought, saying that Sheng Chumu’s uncle Niu Wudi is close by, and Niu Wudi is capable For Fu Rou, Sheng Chumu had no real option except to discover Niu Wudi for help. Despite the fact that Niu Wudi realized that Sheng Chumu was learning the craft of battle for ladies, Niu Wudi had since quite a while ago needed to pass his own specialty of battle to Sheng Chumu.

Since Sheng Chumu went to the entryway without anyone else, he normally wouldn’t release Sheng Chumu. In the wake of getting Sheng Chumu, Niu Wudi directed demon preparing on him. Subsequent to preparing, Niu Wudi found that in spite of the fact that Sheng Chumu was not taught since adolescence, he was skilled and gifted. Subsequent to preparing for long, Sheng Chumu gave him his grandson. The specialty of war is posterior down, and he can destroy potential gain and hit the rope attached to the column.

During Sheng Chumu’s preparation days, Fu Rou had nearly weaved the sachet, and took the Fu family’s record book back. Sheng Chumu was prepared for some time and needed to get through the hindrance lastly passed the boundary. , Sheng Chumu immediately left with Junhui and got back to Fu’s home. At the point when Fu Rou discovered that Sheng Chumu was back, she speedily had somebody bring the sachet and needles. She needed to weave the sachet rapidly for Sheng Chumu. Sheng Chumu sat before Fu Rou’s patio and shown Fu Tao’s specialty of war, Fu Tao Seeing that Sheng Chumu’s spirit was not at home, she support him and said that Fu Rou had been sitting tight for Sheng Chumu nowadays, demonstrating that she was still somewhat keen on Sheng Chumu.

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