Ex-husband, Behave Yourself (Novel)

Other Name: Leave Me, Love Me

Genre: novel, Romance, Josei
Author: Po Cha Ren
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A


A sweet yet troublesome excursion to get his ex back. She had a marriage contract with him. Her dad constrained him to wed her since she cherished him so profoundly. In any case, he didn’t adore her and requested that she consent to an arrangement, as per which they should part the typical cost for basic items, have no kids and get separate from long term later. She acknowledged all conditions since she imagined that she had the option to make his day.

In any case, following three years, not all that much. He was still just about as downright frigid. Around then, another lady showed up. She was his colleague, and she called him “Sibling Chen”. Lu Yao steadily found that their relationship appeared to be unclear.

What was more awful, she was suddenly pregnant, and she needed to bring forth their kids. As she accepted that he would cause her to have an early termination, she revealed to him that she planned to separate from him.

Shockingly, he would not leave her and began to deal with her with energy like he never did. He nagged her essentially consistently. It appeared to be that he understood the significance of her solely after he was going to lose her.

Also, he found that she was so beguiling when she not, at this point satisfied him and began to carry on with her own life.

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