Love Scenery – Best Romantic Korean TV Drama

At the point when Liang Chen went to the live transmission room, he was anxious when he heard that he planned to sit next to each other with Lu Jing and play, for dread that she would be perceived as a little box by Lu Jing. Liang Chen turned out to be more apprehensive when Lu Jing showed up at the entryway. Lu Jing purposely connected and took Liang Chen’s hand liberally. Liang Chen’s energized and apprehensive hands were shaking. Lu Jing grinned and inquired as to whether Liang Chen was apprehensive? Obviously Liang Chen couldn’t concede that he was apprehensive and shook his head, yet the more along these lines, the more anxious he became. Lu Jing helped Liang Chen not to be anxious, he would take Liang Chen with him, and purposely inquired as to whether he feared being perceived? Liang Chen briskly shook his head.

The game began. Liang Chen and Lu Jing collaborated to live transmission together. Jiayun immediately opened the live transmission outside the field. He needed to watch Liang Chen’s live transmission. In the game, Lu Jing shielded Liang Chen from injury, yet in addition helped out Liang Chen implicitly. Lu Jing additionally carried Liang Chen to an essential retreat, and afterward dispatched an assault in a spot with numerous robots. The activity was spotless and the two individuals participated consummately, and the robots were cleared out in a moment. Lu Jing gazed at Liang Chen and adulated her for her attractive shooting stance. The two took a gander at one another lastly passed. Liang Chen and Lu Jing additionally grinned with a comforting grin. Spectators could see that they were strange. It appears to have changed emotions.

The coordinator imagined that Liang Chen and Lu Jing were accomplices, and they participated so implicitly, and finished the undertaking rapidly. Liang Chen briskly clarified that he didn’t collaborate with Lu Jing. Sister Qing found that Lu Jing had a dream of Liang Chen. The distinction, Liang Chen briskly clarified that it ought to be the senior sister and junior.

Taro additionally followed and requested to play a game with Mama Shanshan, and Mama Shanshan cautioned Taro to play the game with both of them. After she won, Taro couldn’t bother her once more. Mama Shanshan won rapidly. Taro demanded to play another round, just to find that Mama Shanshan had hindered his WeChat. At the point when he dialed the call, he found that it was impeded. Taro was not furious, but rather felt that Mama Shan. The mountain has its own character.

The host of the live transmission welcomed Lu Jing, Liang Chen, and Jia Yun to eat together. Lu Jing was exceptionally obliging and proactive to Liang Chen. At the point when he left, he insightfully put his garments on Liang Chen, and tracked down that the catches on Liang Chen’s garments were open. In the event that you got it, you stepped up to the plate and join it. The right hand convinced Jiayun that in the event that he loved Liang Chen, he should step up to the plate and seek after it. Before Lu Jing left, Jiayun carried a garment to Liang Chen and welcomed Liang Chen to go out on ends of the week, yet Liang Chen needed to record the melody. Dismissed Jiayun.

Lu Jing returned when Jia transport Liang Chen left, and offered to take Liang Chen’s vehicle back. Liang Chen needed to concur, however when he was in the vehicle, Lu Jing understood that he would not wear this sort of safety belt. Liang Chen Stepping up and help, the two individuals’ eyes met with various sentiments in their souls.

Jia Yun likewise went to Taro to ask about the connection between Liang Chen and Lu Jing, and conceded that he enjoyed Liang Chen and was an intense one. Taro could barely handle it and couldn’t resist the urge to feel that the world was insane. As of now Liang Chen was meeting with Lu Jing in the game as a little box. Liang Chen proposed to play the little fire mythical beast, and Lu Jing intentionally prodded Liang Chen that there is no little fire winged serpent. Liang Chen was furious about leaving, reviling a great many occasions in his heart, choking Lu Jing to death when he should wear a safety belt today. Lu Jing halted Liang Chen, who was going to leave, and truly brought the little fire winged serpent, which made Liang Chen like it without a doubt. He grinned cheerfully when confronting this charming little fire mythical beast.

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