Path of The Lilies (Novel)

Other Name: Path of The Lilies

Genre: novel, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts
64 Chapters


Since the time she was a youngster, Ye Jiao was treated as a rubbish in Chen Realm. Experienced endless beating and embarrassment, Ye Jiao persevered through the cruel existence without ready to do anything. Just an uncommon not many of them really focused on her and gave her glow in the brutal world.

Yet, the Paradise didn’t allow her to live calmly.

It took the seemingly insignificant details she had and driven her into the base chasm. Loaded up with depression and pity, she needed to stow away and bid her time for a many individuals wanted for her passing.

“I have lost everything; you can’t take whatever else from me. However, I also will acquire significantly more in my way as Age Energy Expert, I’ll not surrender and sometime in the future, I’ll arrive at the pinnacle.”

Her little arm got the white lily blossom and grasped it more tight with assurance streaked in her eyes. Rubbish? Her little lips grinned in a touched of joke. Regardless of whether everybody around her wished to slaughter her, she could never surrender.

She will show them who the genuine refuse is and turn into the best virtuoso on the planet! Regardless of whether the whole world is against her, she would not fall down.

She will arrive at the pinnacle.

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