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Plot Love – Romantic and Fighting Scenes at Dramacool

Subei formally participated in Huanzhen’s costume design competition and worked overtime every day until late at night. Kreis is a big little ghost, and felt the emotional discord between his parents. So one night he asked Subei if he was going to divorce his dad. Subei claimed that he had done something wrong and made his dad unhappy. It may be difficult. Forgive yourself, Kreis’s tongue-in-cheek, saying that Subei is the best person in the world, if there is a mistake, it must be his father’s fault.

Unsurprisingly, under the guidance of Subei, Huanzhen successfully won the second and third rounds. Xia officially cooperated with Huanzhen. On the spot, Gu Chengze threw his chair and left. However, on the second day of Xia Huanzhen’s official cooperation, it was revealed that Subei, one of the current presidents of Huanzhen, had copied the work of defending champion Zhao Rui when he participated in the design competition seven years ago. Afterwards, Subei took advantage of the strong power of his husband’s family. The joint interest group forced Zhao Rui to death. Huanzhen downstairs was besieged by reporters in an instant.

At the board of directors of Huanzhen, the senior leaders believed that the cooperation with Xia was a big deal and asked Subei to resign voluntarily in order to restore Huanzhen’s reputation. Lu Nan believes that the company’s efforts and dedication contributed to the company’s cooperation with Xi Ya. As a husband, he can’t resign from Subei without reason or emotion. At this time, Xia was also considering dissolving cooperation with Huanzhen due to the scandal in northern Jiangsu.

Subei handed Lu Nan a signed divorce agreement. She believes that although the scandal has been suppressed, it may be serious again at any time. Currently, only the two divorce and shirk the responsibility on themselves, so that she can do her best. Reduce the loss of Huanzhen. After Lu Nan refused to sign, he recalled that seven years ago, Subei left him with a signed divorce agreement and then left. He suddenly fainted with a headache.

Subei told Ye Ting that he recognized his heart and still loved Lunan. Ye Ting persuaded Subei to try to get him back, and Kris also said that he would help. The next day, after Lu Nan came home from the hospital, Kris came to the door of his house and told Lu Nan a blind date in northern Jiangsu. Although Lu Nan said that he had nothing to do with him, he got up and went to the restaurant. Unexpectedly, after finding Subei, Subei claimed that his blind date was Lu Nan, and she had been waiting for him.

Northern Jiangsu confessed to Lunan, admitting that he had deceived him because of a misunderstanding. In this scandal, he intended to divorce to preserve Huanzhen. However, when he made up his mind to leave, he was very reluctant and realized that he was wronged by Lunan. Feelings, I hope Lu Nan will give himself a chance to start again. Lu Nan has a hard duck mouth. Although he is happy in his heart, he still pretends to be cold on the surface.

Huanzhen made concessions to Xia in terms of interests, hoping that Xia could temporarily maintain the cooperation between the two parties. Amy communicated with the headquarters and bought a week for Huanzhen. If Subei cannot prove himself innocent within a week, then The cooperation between the two parties has to be lifted. Subei cooked breakfast for Lunan. Lunan pretended to drive away Subei and then went to the table to eat the food cooked by someone else. Although it was awful, he still ate it in one bite.

Gu Chengze was dating a friend on KTV. Unexpectedly, his father called and asked him about the misappropriation of the company’s money to repay all the losses. Gu Chengze turned around and asked Gu Yan if he had revealed the news. Gu Yan denied it. Gu Yan found Subei and handed him a copy of evidence of Gu Chengze’s embezzlement of public funds and commercial fraud in Sanglan’s clothing. Subei handed it to the police. Gu Chengze was taken away by the police.

On the second day, Huanzhen downstairs, a man who claimed to be Zhao Rui’s father yelled and demanded that Subei kill someone and pay his life.

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