The Glory of Youth – By the Arms

Lu Zheng thought A Lei had something to do with Xia Zhuo, and A Lei was astounded. Lu Zheng felt that Xia Zhuo was not progressing nicely, which made A Lei look bewildered. The following day, A Lei took his little girl home from school, and Xia Zhuo ended up coming to him. A Lei asked Xia Zhuo for what reason he needed to be a trooper. Xia Zhuo said that he needed to allow himself two years to enroll in the military and consider why he needed to be a fighter.

The 270th unit went to the new quarters, where the volunteers will concentrate all subjects and afterward be moved to the organizations. Political commissar A Lei and Liang’s political commissar suggested that they need to shape an extraordinary little power that can finish the last blow. At any rate they can’t proceed with the old schedules and strategies. Political commissar Liang communicated their help. A Lei needed to discover a heaven and a seniors’ town.

Wang Xianmin and his old confidants came to Lang Yongcheng for a beverage. A Lei communicated something specific asking him what he was doing. The four immediately concealed the glasses and said they were drinking tea. A Lei owned it initially, yet since it was an occasion, let them eat and drink well. Political commissar A Lei and Liang needed to hear the contemplations of the veterans.

They needed to incorporate the individuals who were able to join the consolidated organization, with the goal that Lang Yongcheng and different veterans would be chosen, and a portion of the top players would be known as the Conflict Edge Organization. Albeit the area of the main contingent may have been uncovered, A Lei actually felt that it was the most appropriate spot. However long the prevalent affirmed, they would do it.

A Lei gave Lang Yongcheng a bundle of Qingfei Tea. Obviously, he didn’t take it for nothing. He started to lead the pack in the determination camp. He is a veteran and has esteem in the camp to persuade the group. When Lang Yongcheng left, Lu Zheng was brought over once more, and A Lei said that he needed to give him a decent spot to proceed to turn into an organization officer. Yang Wanjin would not go to Hecheng Organization since he needed to take the test to enter the military institute. He liked to resign. Lu Zheng was likewise furious in his heart. Yang Wanjin was the fighter he brought out, however he was so pompous at this point.

During class, Xia Zhuo couldn’t resist the urge to pose inquiries, and Lin Anbang and Yi Zimeng immediately squeezed him back. Xia Zhuo actually felt that what the educator said was excessively broad and not nitty sufficiently gritty. During the preparation works out, Xia Zhuo broke his best outcomes, yet nearly got harmed as a result of running excessively quick. Ouyang Jun’s outcomes are likewise acceptable, yet he is still somewhat reluctant to fall behind Xia Zhuo. Lin Anbang went with Xia Zhuo to the clinic, and experienced passionate feelings for Yan Yibing, a hygienist from the start sight, yet was in the long run kicked out.

Xia Zhuo had accomplished a second rate class merit in under 100 days in the military, and Lu Zheng was likewise extremely idealistic about him, so he requested that he partake in the ace in the hole challenge. Xia Zhuo will take an interest, however he needs to give the primary spot to Ouyang Jun. Lu Zheng is confused. He is undoubtedly exceptionally keen, however he is likewise extremely proud, and arrogance isn’t really something worth being thankful for. Xia Zhuo said that Ouyang Jun required this chance to be remunerated more than him. Lu Zheng censured him for offending his adversary. In the event that he was persuaded that a man needed to win straightforwardly and lose, Xia Zhuo didn’t tune in. Lu Zheng was irate to the point that he could just advise him that the ace in the hole challenge was not a joke.

Ouyang Jun came to dominate. I heard that Xia Zhuo disclosed to Lu Zheng that he was disappointed that he needed to deliver water, and that Xia Zhuo needed to partake in the opposition genuinely. Xia Zhuo was exceptionally furious, and the two squabbled again about this matter, so they chose to tackle the battle by boxing. Lin Anbang hurried to the hospital and claimed to be debilitated, Yan Yibing brought the chief over with a conflict, and Lin Anbang was masterminded to be an intramuscular infusion experimenter.

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