Train to Busan Peninsula – Korean Movie

Also known as: ฝ่านรกซอมบี้คลั่ง / 반도 / 半島 / Bando

Genre: Drama, Action, Horror
South Korea
Yeon Sang-ho
Release Date: 
July 23, 2020
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  • Gang Dong-won as Jung-seok[5]
  • Lee Jung-hyun as Min-jung
  • Lee Re as Joon
  • Kwon Hae-hyo as Elder Kim
  • Kim Min-jae as Sergeant first class Hwang
  • Koo Kyo-hwan as Captain Seo
  • Kim Do-yoon as Chul-min
  • Lee Ye-won as Yu-jin
  • Jang So-yeon as Jung-seok’s elder sister
  • Moon Woo-jin as Dong-hwan
  • Kim Kyu-baek as Private Kim
  • Bella Rahim as Major Jane


An officer and his group fight swarms of dystopian zombies in the badlands of the Korean Landmass.

Marine Chief Jung-seok is driving his senior sister, her significant other Chul-min and his nephew Dong-hwan to a boat that is intended to leave the Korean Promontory, which is being cleared by the zombie episode. In transit, he experiences a man and a lady with a small kid who needs a hitch, however he disregards the family’s supplications and drives away. In a lodge of the moving boat, a tainted man transforms into a zombie and contaminates various individuals, including Dong-hwan. Jung-seok then reluctantly chooses to leave Dong-hwan and his mom behind and stops Chul-min, who returns in the wake of getting a few supplies, from entering the lodge.

After four years in Hong Kong, a blame ridden Jung-seok, with Chul-min and two different Koreans, are informed by the Hongkongers of an activity that requires the four to get back to the isolated landmass and recover a neglected food truck which contains packs of money, adding up to US$20 million. The four show up the next night and after some looking, they discover the truck. The four break the territory safe with the truck, as zombies start pursuing them.

In transit back to Incheon Port, the four are trapped by a detachment, driven by Sergeant top notch Hwang, of the maverick state army Unit 631. Jung-seok gets tossed out of the truck, while Chul-min stows away inside the truck. The other two bite the dust from the trap. Jung-seok is then protected by two sisters: Joon, who drives the vehicle out of the scene, and her more youthful sister Yu-jin. The three show up at a fort, where the youngsters live with their mom Min-jung and granddad Senior Kim. Jung-seok out of nowhere understands that Min-jung is the woman that had requested a hitch four years prior.

The truck, taken by Unit 631, shows up at the civilian army’s compound. Chul-min is then found inside and turns into a hostage. Private Kim and Skipper Search engine optimization consequently find the sacks of money in the truck, at that point covertly bring forth an arrangement to get themselves out of the promontory with the truck, keeping their break designs hidden from the contentious Hwang. In the mean time, Min-jung gains from Jung-seok that there is a boat at Incheon Port holding back to extricate him. She at that point chooses to take the truck from the compound so them five (Min-jung’s family and Jung-seok) get away from the landmass together.

The next evening, close to Unit 631’s compound, as Joon, Yu-jin, and Senior Kim stand by in the vehicle, Jung-seok and Min-jung sneak inside, where they find the truck and experience Private Kim. Jung-seok acknowledges from Kim that Chul-min is alive in the compound and moves to protect him. Inside, Jung-seok murders zombies and a few Unit 631 troopers, yet Chul-min is slaughtered by Hwang. Jung-seok is then saved by Min-jung and the two rapidly get away from the compound with the truck. Various Unit 631 troopers, including Hwang and Search engine optimization, give pursue. In the resulting pursue, Jung-seok intentionally shoots and breaks the glass burrow, liberating the crowd of zombies inside, which at that point rapidly assault Hwang’s vehicle, slaughtering Hwang and his driver.

The five arrive at Incheon Port, where Website optimization slams his vehicle into Joon’s vehicle, at that point holds her at gunpoint. Senior Kim is lethally shot by Website optimization as he ensures Yu-jin. Website optimization shoots Min-jung in the leg and getaways with the truck. He drives the truck into the payload hold of the boat, yet is then severely shot by the Hongkongers. Seeping out, Website design enhancement turns around the truck to forestall the freight hold’s entryway from shutting, permitting zombies outside to enter and slaughter everybody inside.

The lamenting four at that point detect a Unified Countries military vehicle helicopter and direct it to arrive on the port. A harmed Min-jung demands that Jung-seok bring Joon and Yu-jin to the helicopter, while she makes the way of zombies. Min-jung at that point traps herself in a truck and pushes on the horn more than once, proposing to draw the zombies to her and penance herself for the three to get away. Reviewing a furious case Chul-min made in Hong Kong that Jung-seok didn’t put forth a valiant effort to save their family four years prior, Jung-seok returns and murders the zombies catching Min-jung. She rapidly makes the rush to the helicopter, as does Jung-seok. The four board the helicopter and getaway the promontory.

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