When I Was You by Minka Kent (Novel)

Other Name: When I Was You by Minka Kent

Genre: novel
Minka Kent
February 1, 2020
282 pages


A taken character drives a lady down a dull and frantic way in a holding novel of mental tension by Money Road Diary smash hit creator Minka Kent. After scarcely enduring a merciless assault, Brienne Dougray once in a while goes out. Experiencing incapacitating migraines and cognitive decline, she can depend just on her merciful new occupant, Dr. Niall Emberlin, a much needed diversion from the perplexing air pocket that has become her reality.

However, Brienne’s developing trust in her new normal is shaken when she discovers agitating proof that another person is living as… her. Same name. Same vehicle. Same hair. Same garments. She’s even friended her family via online media. To discover why, Brienne should leave the security of her home to chase a recognizable outsider.

What she finds is more upsetting than she might have at any point envisioned. With her delicate psyche near breaking, Brienne is set up to successfully recover her life. On the off chance that it’s even hers to recover.

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